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Grove Wesley Design Art

Bin bombs

Bin bombs

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You can make your home or office odour-free with the unique and pleasant fragrance of BIN BOMBS!

A Few Scoops is All It Takes!
The very first time you use BIN BOMBS in your waste bin, scatter four (4) scoops of the granules into the empty bin as an initial dose. Then following that, after each time the bin is emptied, simply use ONE-TWO (1-2) scoop(s) for a fresh odour-free bin! For particularly nasty-smelling waste bins, add a few more scoops of granules as required until bad odours are replaced with the pleasant fragrance of BIN BOMBS. A scoop is about 1-tablespoon.

Or just tie one of our organza bags to your wheelie bin with a cable tie to keep your bin smelling fresh.  

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